RuneScape kicks off its holiday festivities, reworks challenges, and fixes combat input issues


With the holidays fast approaching, RuneScape has been working up to its brand of seasonal goodness since the beginning of this month. The most recent update has finally kicked off the in-game holiday season along with a few noteworthy adjustments.

RuneScape’s holiday quest involves players finding 21 presents scattered across Gielinor, which can be located and turned in once a day between now and January 5th. Doing so offers rewards like a title, a Rudolph jumper, and craft paper that can be used to help build this year’s community Christmas Cracker at the Grand Exchange. There’s also the return of snowboarding from the 2017 event, whether you’ve still got the snowboard from last time or need a new one from Diango in Draynor.

The latest patch notes further outline a fix for dead keyboard inputs that occurred with actionbar reloading, graphical improvements to the Sleigher armor, and a few other fixes. The update has also kicked off an improvement to daily challenges in order to make them feel more rewarding and balanced. According to RuneScape’s Twitter, this update will be the last one of the year, so enjoy what’s in-game now and see you in the next decade!

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