The Elder Scrolls Online brings back the New Life Festival on December 19


Are you ready to spread some cheer across Tamriel? The New Life Festival in The Elder Scrolls Online is coming in just a couple of days, letting players rake in all sorts of seasonal goodies from decorations to XP boosts to recipes.

It all starts with a quest to meet Breda the New Life Herald in the city of Windhelm in Eastmarch, which rewards an XP-boosting mead mug as well as opens up the New Life daily quests. Completing these daily quests will net players a Gift Box full of things like Motif chapters, collectibles, recipes, and house decorations. There’s also a chance to get a Charity Writ in these boxes, which come in one of two flavors: a New Life Charity Writ that lets players earn an achievement and Crystalfrost skin once 12 of these Writs are completed, and a Deep Winter Charity Writ, which can unlock pages of the Skaal Explorer outfit style when completed.

On top of Gift Boxes, players can earn Event Tickets from completing either their first two seasonal dailies as well as three more Event Tickets for their first daily boss monster kill. These Tickets can be redeemed at the Impresario’s warehouse for returning and new goodies like Indrik Feathers, all previous Indrik Berries from this year, and pages of the Skaal Explorer style among other items.

The New Life Festival starts on Thursday, December 19th, and runs until Thursday, January 2nd.

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