Warframe teases fresh dangers awaiting players in Empyrean’s new trailer


Just because Warframe’s Empyrean has launched and players can finally fly their Railjacks into epic space battles doesn’t mean that’s all Digital Extremes has planned. Just as building your ship was only one step on the adventure, Empyrean itself is another step. And players will need to prepare for what is ahead!

For those who haven’t had a chance to join the journey, Live Ops and Community Director Rebecca Ford gives a brief tour of the action aboard a Railjack — everything from repelling boarders to taking over enemy crew ships — in the latest trailer. She also encourages players to master their Railjack, cautioning that “you’ll need to become an expert Railjack crew to stand a chance against what’s to come.”

Whatever is in the future, it will need players to hone their skills as a crew. Which position are you planning on taking in battle? Will you focus on piloting, gunnery, tactical, or engineering? Or will you learn a little of everything? Let us know!

Source: Digital Extremes press release
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