Cyberpunk MMO Neocron breaks out a big update (and Christmas!) for late 2019


Ever since 2012, Neocron quietly has become a poster child for a successful community-run MMORPG. That was the year that the insolvent Reakktor handed the source code to the community with its blessing, which was received enthusiastically. Ever since, a volunteer dev team has helped to shape and grow the world’s first cyberpunk MMO.

Case in point, this month the team released Patch 2.4, a meaty content update with plenty of new stuff to do. The patch added a new rare, AI scripts for NPCs, an underground black market on an abandoned subway line, and a spider-filled dungeon for the non-arachnophobics among us. The dungeon is using the new AI scripting, which should make for a “challenging and diversified” experience.

And for those good little Neocron boys and girls? has come to town, put out a plate of gears and a cup of warm oil beside the fireplace!

Source: Patch notes
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