Defiance 2050 launches the Solstice Strike and Trove kicks off Snowfest 2019


Don’t you dare think that Gamigo’s stable of MMOs were going to be left out of the ongoing seasonal shenanigans, nuh-uh. Both Defiance 2050 and Trove are marking the winter season in their own unique ways.

In Defiance, the Solstice Strike event is underway between now and Monday, January 13th. Volge Grinches and the Abominable Warmaster are arriving with Arkfalls, which can be cleared for daily pursuits and contracts. Goodies for the event include a Prototype Cheer Canon to “pierce through enemies’ defenses with Festive Trees and end their killjoy of a time with holiday explosions.” There’s also Solstice Strike Caches at the Defiance Store or Ex Inaris vendors full of new synergies, mod fusions, and other treats.

As for Trove, Snowfest 2019 is on, featuring a snow-coated central hub, a variety of seasonal pets and mounts to be crafted with 2019 Snowy Seals, and challenges to face in the form of Flamotrons at the surface of Geode, Tree Dungeons, Present Dungeons, and the Horned Rumpfus.

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