Path of Exile outlines the issues being addressed for Conquerors of the Atlas

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Well, Path of Exile players, it’s been five days since the launch of the latest expansion, which means that you can officially declare that the atlas has been conquered. It’s so conquered now. So now the developers are moving on to conquering something else: bugs! No, not insects, but the issues that have been noted and need to be fixed in the game.

The developers may also be conquering insects, but that’s a personal thing and we’re not involved in that beyond speculation.

Some issues, like AMD GPUs crashing when encountering Tane Octavius and crashes happening when throwing dynamite in the Azurite Mine on Windows 7, have already been patched internally and are being tested to ensure no other problems crop up. Other issues, like migrating characters and converting Legacy maps into new ones, are still being explored as high-priority problems. It’s a lot of work, to be sure, but the team wants fans to know that the work is being done as fast as it can be. You can check out MJ’s most recent stream of the game just below.


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Bryan Correll

The developers may also be conquering insects

It’s New Zealand, so they could be up against in infestation of weta.

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That’s cool. Just tell me when Meta drops are auto-loot and I’ll be happy as a clam. Picking those up is the worst part of this league IMO, and that’s a great thing given how minor that is and that they’ve said they’re working on that fix.

Will be so much nicer not needing to loot like 20 parts each map when 90% will be useless garbage.