PSA: RIFT’s second Battle Pass season gets an end date of January 16

PSA: RIFT’s second Battle Pass season gets an end date of January 16

Have you climbed through the 30 levels of the RIFT Battle Pass? If not, your window to do so is beginning to close. The devs have put out a little reminder that the second season of the Battle Pass is about to wrap up on Thursday, January 16th.

For anyone who perhaps isn’t familiar with this whole Battle Pass thing in RIFT, it was first unveiled in April, offering up rewards for completing daily and weekly quests for $9.99. The second season of the Battle Pass arrived with an update in August, which tacked on 90 different dailies and 50 different weeklies as well as the ability to reroll each type of mission once per day or week depending on the mission type.

It’s not quite clear if there will be a third Battle Pass season, but players who are trying to follow the current track will perhaps want to get moving if they’re behind the curve.

source: Twitter

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I hope to see next season rewards. Can’t wait for it, I do enjoy it.

Jacquotte Fox Kline

Sucked in by the cute fairy and memories of Rift, repelled by the dung fly stench of a giant pile of monetization.

Kickstarter Donor

Well, at least they’re figuring out how to monetize their player better than Trion did. Even if that doesn’t mean they appear to actually be working on any content or meaningful updates for the game that aren’t monetized : /

I had low expectations going in for Rift under gamigo’s wing, and somehow I’m still disappointed.