Warframe devs address Empyrean issues, add Ivara Prime Frame


It’s all about that Railjack, baby. Warframe players are deep in the action combat title’s space-based feature, but the release of it has not gone exactly as the devs have hoped. To that point, a recent forum post recounts adjustments made to the game as well as additional changes planned for the near future.

Empyrean has already received five hotfixes, but the post recognizes that more work needs to be done. For a start, players should expect to see increases in Titanium drop rates as well as improvements to uncommon and common resources in crates within missions, as well as the ability to halt repairs in order to move resources over to a better component if one is found. The devs are also working on shared loot systems for Railjack crews, and will be improving Avionics drop rates and working out kinks in the Wreckage system. As for what the future of Empyrean holds, players can expect new mission types, new enemies, new rewards, and continued narrative movement.

With all that said, there is certainly some success to be reported with Empyrean. The devs are seeing just under 2 million successful missions completed and are observing plenty of team cohesion both in-mission and before a Railjack’s launch.

In other Warframe news, the Ivara ‘Frame has gotten its Prime form with plenty of shiny weapons and accessories, and those with Twitch Prime can snag themselves a starter pack full of blueprints, credits, and more.

sources: official forums, official site (1, 2), cheers Sophiskiai!

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