Runes of Magic adds the new Chassizz zone, new instance, and ‘Peak Levels’ in its latest update


The latest patch for Runes of Magic is officially live, bringing with it the keyboard faceroll-named Chassizz zone with new challenges to face, a bunch of new gear to get, and some new levels that aren’t quite a new level cap.

Chassizz, as we described before, is a new zone where players have to combat the final fortress of the Inexorable League. That means new main and side quests on the island itself, a new instance known as New Pantheon, and a new world boss in the Entity Chamber. The zone will also feature some new gear for players to snatch up, and new “Peak Levels” that let players earn additional levels to buff things like movement speed, gold and drop rate, and attributes. Peak Levels go to a maximum of five, but don’t expect to earn those levels too quickly, as Peak Levels are earned at a 1/100 ratio of normal XP gain.

In addition to the new content, Runes of Magic is opening two temporary “catch-up servers” to let players burn through initial leveling and is kicking off a seasonal Snowflake Festival. You can get a rundown of what’s new either at this forum post or with the patch notes.

source: official forums (1, 2)

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Ah my childhood

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I’m sure those who have invested thousands into this will be happy.