The Daily Grind: What’s on your MMO wish list this holiday season?


Really, it’s any excuse to pull out the Christmas Llama from Aion.

Hopefully, you’re getting to a place in your year where you can scale back from work or school a bit, get cozy, and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned gaming — just like great-pop-pop used to do back during the Depression! If you’ve been really good (and who are we kidding?), you might be in for some nifty presents, both in-game and in real life.

What do you hope you’ll get this holiday season? What’s on your MMO wish list? For me, I have just one big fat wish: Awesome new MMOs, and lots of them. I’m really, really looking forward to 2020 if you couldn’t tell. How about you? What are you wishing for?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Sarnaut Explorer

I want more MMO’s that can run on cheaper end hardware. Most new MMO’s, especially Asian releases, are graphical marvels that require more than an average laptop to run. Playing older games is what I am restricted to and that has led me to some of my favorite MMO settings (Allods Online, EverQuest 2, LOTRO). This also means however that my choices in non-p2w is much smaller. Finding older games with the cash shop gutted for a subscription fee has been my driving motivator. However, when I have to buy every expansion separately on top of the subscription to the game it quickly becomes too expensive for my college student budget. I like the idea of an optional subscription-server. That way the F2P players aren’t feeling pushed in-game by not only the devs but other players to pay to play, and so that the subscribers are not subject to the devs double dipping into our pockets.


I’m wishing for a huge, open world MMORPG with crafting and survival mechanics, a good story, AND NO NON-CONSENSUAL PVP. No ganking noobs, unless they’re PVP noobs. No attacking PVE players who are just trying to play the game and mind their own business. I’m not saying NO PVP, I don’t mind having PVP players running around fighting each other, as long as I don’t have to be involved. I want to have fun, but I don’t want to take away from the anyone else’s fun, as long as it means I can have my fun without getting bugged by their fun.

Kickstarter Donor

My MMO wish, that next year sees a comeback for MMO’s due to some outstanding releases instead of the wishy-washy half ars*ed offerings of late that do ZERO to excite you.

I’d like an MMO to find a happy medium between the tab targeters of old and action combaters of new so that I do not have to despise them.

I’d like a new IP related MMO that isn’t horrible, stuck in pre-alpha or worse yet released half okay and then promptly destroyed by endless brain farts on the developers end passed off as attempts to improve things while ignoring ALL community feedback which would have allowed them to do just that.

I’d like at least one of the supers MMOs to release in the coming year and give me some of the joy COH used to give me back while remaining relevant to a MODERN audience and with modern standards.

Mostly its the first thing though, I want MMO’s to just be the things that bring about excitement and a world of possibilities again, instead of just way too much of the cut and paste development going on of late, clinging to the somewhat successful creative coattails of someone else’s ideas and successes in hopes of also cashing in. MMO’s used to be the colony rush of gaming and it was awash with wonderful and creative new ideas and everyone was trying to be and make their own WoW, not BE WoW.. we need that again, I need that again I want the butterflies back.


MWO to add cooperative PVE missions in additions to all the PVP ones

Shroud of the Avatar to release mounts and episode 2

STO anniversary to not be just for Federation pilots and have good ships for KDF, JH and Romulans too. Also to fix their servers

ESO I hope the skyrim based expansion comes with great storytelling

EVE to let capitals be at least be able to pass through highsec(not going to happen though) and make a cool mission revamp – plus add level 6 missions. Would be cool to see more storyline missions as well. They have an arc per empire but its been long ago since they done anything resembling somewhat storylined missions

Elite Dangerous to release capitals and a higher size of flyable ships too

Someone to buy UO and invest on getting better or Broadsword themselves to buy it out completely from EA

Daybreak to change mind and announce a remake of EQ Next having corrected the issues that stalled development in first place

LOTRO and DDO to change their model a bit giving the first 2 expansions for free at least

Dual Universe to start supporting more CPUs so I got a hope to play it

A complete turn around of the market towards sandboxes WITH a storyline. Seriously why a sandbox shouldnt have a storyline and should be full loot PVP? open world pvp is just fine enough and a storyline gives more incentives to play when you are bored to do any of your routines.

Someone buy the assets and make a sequel of Marvel Heroes

The return of the turn based combat – start seeing some tactical combat mmos with turn based system like dofus, wakfu and most petgames of the past. We need variety.

Believe or not there is lots more but I dont want to spam further


Same as every year Pinky..
Someone to pick up the flag from EqNext and make an mmo based on the same ideas: living breathing DYNAMIC virtual world .. Not a themepark, not a sandbox, but a world that changes dynamically through AI and with player actions…. You should know that blahblah, whatever EqNext was promising.


My wish is they we can all live together with some harmony. I also wish that the games we loves so much will continue to prosper and give us happiness, joy, and some intriguing enjoyable/challenging moments!

May peace be with all of us this holiday season- Happy Holidays to one and all!

Jon Wax

Be nice to elevator pitch this idea I have to folk with traction. Non realistic

Really hoping someone somewhere starts a new gaming paradigm where it’s not work, but it’s also not easy. Some balance between tedium and simplicity. Something that pushes the whole pvp/PvE/loot box/p2w mentality into the past. And something that’s new. Leave out the zombie gankfest but also the glowing purple shit. Enough with the glowing purple shards, crystals, lava, energy fields.

With all this tech we keep getting the same limited menu of things to play. Ok so it’s got Ray tracing, how does that help the actual game?

Ahhh I’m in the minority here. Rant over


A successful integration from Windows 7 to 10 on my machine of pigtail’d dreams, without affecting any of the games I am running. >.<

Jon Wax

Best wishes. I gotta migrate a 20 year old music PC to modern laptop. Isn’t tech fun? Gluck


A new non-indy, non-kickstarter, non-asian AAA MMO. Polished, plenty of content for PVErs and PVPers, and a business model that’s non predatory and is sustainable. I want a fully fleshed out open world with great storytelling, interesting quests, deep lore, plenty of systems to promote social interactions, and a game that focuses on the journey and not endgame.

Will i get it? Nope. I’m 99% sure those games are a dying breed. Too many games tried to get a piece of the WoW pie back in the day and failed miserably, dissuading others from ever trying again. To be perfectly honest, my biggest wish is that Blizzard continues developing content for Classic WoW, keeping the same game but adding expansions that are rooted in the systems that make Classic – Classic. Unfortunately that simply won’t happen.

So yeah, pretty depressing times ahead..

Jon Wax

You kinda hit it on the head though. The things you want SHOULD be in a game but it’s the old rule of art: fast and good = expensive, slow and good= cheaper so the industry is stuck announcing games way too early to get traction and the expectations in terms of quality and completion time by the buying public are way out of wack with the work that goes into making a game work. The industry needs to Chuck it’s attention seeking methods for press and switch to a run silent run deep mode where they announce the games existence at completion. Mainstreaming of “testing” is mostly to blame but we are all kinda culpable now.


The biggest problem is on the “sustainable” part and its why we cant have good games at this point. If they make a game with everything entirely optional be sure most wont spend at all. Its one of the modern human natures. Nowadays I hope more for balance – I understand they cant place everything free to us and that affects how games are developed. Also the fact player-loyalty is inexistent compared to the better years of mmos gave incentives to devs to go the cheaper possible path

Bryan Correll

I wish to not get DC’ed while doing holiday event stuff in ESO.