One Shots: Our favorite MMORPG screenshots of 2019


Occasionally in the past, I’ve taken the last week or two of the year and featured my personal favorite screenshots that One Shots posters have submitted, but I have since grown wary of that. For starters, I pick favorites every week — so why not let everyone pick their own favorites for a change? This week’s column is all about our favorite screenshots from 2019.

We’ll start with Toy Clown, who has this wonderfully different perspective from ArcheAge: “ArcheAge Unchained brought a lot of fun things as firsts, such as helping my yata birth a baby, building a townhouse, waking up to my first ever thunderstruck tree, etc! But I just love the ocean and the depth is so pretty rowing across it.”

This next one has such a great look and texture to it that I could see it being framed and hung somewhere. This is Redbook’s Necromancer from Guild Wars 2, probably thinking about what monstrous creations she’s going to summon next. Zombie parakeet, perhaps?

It’s all about the smoldering look that Josh’s bunnygirl is giving to the camera here in Final Fantasy XIV. Got something on your nose there, dear.

But for Hikari, it was all about a nostalgia with this Guild Wars 2 rendition of the classic Guild Wars Ritualist outfit. It’s a perfect ensemble for when you want dangly things hanging all around your head.

Our final shot of the week comes from — yawn — Sleepy, who was tubing down Lord of the Rings Online’s Great River and took a picture at an opportune time of the day. You see? This is how you go into Mordor. None of that walking crap.

Enjoy your holiday week — and since practically every MMO is running some sort of winter festival, this week’s screenshot challenge is to bask in the Christmasy atmosphere of your game. Feliz navidad!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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It’s not so much Christmas as just cold and dreary. But like all MMO moments, I’m amused that I got to Ishgard, covered in ice and snow and dead dragons, went to the level 60 white gear vendor since I was already 62 when I got there, and THIS is what they give me for the frozen lands:

2019-12-25 (3).png
Hikari Kenzaki

Star Citizen’s 3.8 patch went live last night, so we went in and redid our Yule shots at Microtech, but this time with my new Pisces in some of the shots. :)


The last one, it’s like the crew are listening to the snowman who just became alive some how and telling an interesting story.


You can’t see it in the photos, but the characters are doing a little “listening to music” – or maybe a story :) It’s a neat little easteregg on the new planet.

Toy Clown

Happy Holidays Justin. Thank you for all of your hard work here at MoP, and thank you for keeping this column going.

My holiday screenshot offering is low-key but full of snow.

2019-12-13 15-03-04 Mine.png

War… war never changes. And such is the way outside of Fort Tarsis in Anthem. Err… until the yuletide event. Now there is a massive scavenger hunt for holiday wreaths among other things.

So now I’m wishing baddies a very merry Christmas before I blow their freaking heads off. Happy holidays!

IronSalamander8 .

Nice shots up there!

I have 2 Feastivus shots from BfN for this one, and with the big 5-0 in just 2 days, I’ll wish everyone a happy holidays here!

Feastivus 2.png

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


…everywhere I go. o.O


The season in WoW means gaudy sweater and ugly transmog, add to that Winter Veil Hearthstone and you get this:

Hikari Kenzaki

Oops, point of clarification, that’s a more recent addition to Guild Wars 2. It’s a Guild Wars 1 outfit they brought into GW2 and is taken near the ruins of a famous GW1 location (Joko’s temple). There are several of these historic/nostalgic imports into GW2 over the last couple years, especially since PoF.