ArcheAge discusses plans for various gameplay and ArchePass fixes in its latest livestream


When I went looking for a summary for the latest developer livestream from ArcheAge, all I found was this low effort meme, but having watched the broadcast I can appreciate what the OP was trying to convey: The livestream from this past Friday was mostly talking about various bugs and fixes in the works for both ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained.

The stream was a solo effort for community manager Carendash, who brought up several updates that stemmed from player feedback and discussion. Among these updates are plans to fix broken quests in the ArchePass, a possible release for the exile system later this week (which should also fix the pirate faction), issues with heroes, problems with instance servers, and an ask for input on what the Diligence Coin Store should carry.

Most of the stream was either calling for players to provide feedback on the Discord or official forums, or mentioned how these feedback points are being worked on and that fixes are in the works. Other player issues such as larders were not touched on during the stream, though players should expect more information in future streams.

I’m going to be honest, the stream is an uncomfortable 20-odd minutes, but if you’ve got the time you’re welcome to take in the full broadcast below.

source: YouTube

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