Darkfall: Rise of Agon’s Akathar update introduces PvP changes, a new starting area, and a dye system


When you look good, you feel good, and no system in MMO gaming makes you look good faster than being able to dye your gear. Darkfall: Rise of Agon has brought a new dye system online with the Akathar update (so named in the interest of alphabetizing patches instead of numbering them), which lets players craft dyes with new materials and add some color to Bone, Full plate, Infernal, and Dragon armor pieces.

The update also has some new PvP features depending on where players are in the world or what they do. Loot rules range from no loot to full loot, and stances range from peaceful to hostile. There are also some new PvP zones in Rise of Agon, with blue capitals for peaceful players, yellow areas for lawful PvP and partial loot, and red lawless regions with full loot and fully open PvP. The Akathar update also replaced chaos stones with glyphs, introduced a research system to level crafting skills (though its limited to dyes at the moment), a new starting area in Monkfield, and several other features like a consumables bank tab, repeatable tasks, and more.

The patch went live last week, followed by a couple of hotfixes, the most recent from December 23rd, which should fix some dye-related bugs, loot tweaks, and mob healing errors among other things.

source: official site (1, 2, 3), thanks to Anon for the tip!
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