The best Massively OP streams of 2019


Massively OP’s Stream Team – with MJ and her sidekicks Larry and Chris at the helm – changed up its streaming tactics this year, trying out fewer but longer streams in an effort to showcase more of the MMO content that we deep-dive. (Let us know which one you prefer for MMOs, would ya?)

We’ve once again picked out our favorites from the year, from sunsets and interviews to early access MMO sneak-peeks, to reflect back on our many shenanigans and offer them up for some holiday entertainment. Enjoy!

Laaaaaaaaaaadies. In Star Citizen.

Deep-diving New World before it went back to the drawing board

Celebrating Star Wars Galaxies’ birthday… in an emulator

The AQ3D KORN concert, yep that happened

Astellia Online officially launched, and we were there to see it

We waved goodbye to Cryptic’s Foundry

Peeking into Fallout 76, Fractured, and Torchlight Frontiers

Fond farewells to Worlds Adrift and Kritika Online

Legends of Aria rolled out to Steam with us in tow

MJ, Tyler, Colin, and Chris piled into Guild Wars 2

MJ and Justin got up to no good in DDO

ArcheAge’s Unchained launch actually got MJ to log back in again

The battle of the superhero character creators

Attending Weatherstock in LOTRO

MJ streamed like a million games for Mo Mania

And finally… our team played City of Heroes, for real!

Bored on the holiday? Take a peek back through our picks for the best streams from 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 too!

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