The definitive 2019 Battle Bards episode guide

The best MMORPG music podcast in the world!


The most amazing thing about Battle Bards… is that it even exists at all. The world’s first, best, and only MMO music podcast picked one of the most obscure categories of music to review and then put three diverse co-hosts together from all across the globe to make it. Yet since 2013, MOP’s Justin, along with co-hosts Steff and Syl, have put in many hours to plan, record, and produce each of its 158 episodes.

In 2019, Battle Bards enjoyed another year of promotion here on Massively OP and delivered 23 new episodes to new and old fans alike. From FFXIV: Shadowbringers’ soundtrack to a listen through the odd soundscape of Chronicles of Spellborn, from winter landscapes to colors of the rainbow, the bards explored the delightful array of tunes that are out there.

Missed an episode? Haven’t listened to a single one yet? Or want to revisit this past year’s journey? We have a definitive guide here for you:


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