Starbase unveils the name of its starting planet and collects two weeks’ worth of updates


As I write this, the Starbase team is taking a break for the holidays, but beforehand it kicked out a couple of smaller updates for followers of the in-development space voxelbox, including a look at week 51 and 52 of development and the name of the starting planet as voted by the community.

Much to one’s relief (or disappointment, depending on who you ask), the starting planet is not called Planet McPlanetface, but Eos. That’s a fine name for the lovely, one-ringed, blue gas giant pictured above. Say hello to the world, Eos. I assure you it’s waving at you.

If you prefer your Starbase updates to be more substantial, then the last progress notes of 2019 are perhaps more your style, offering a rundown of included features and fixes like a Building Tool autofill feature, weapon polishing and animation, and turret armors to the Veles and Centurio Frigate among the potpourri of updates. For those who live and breathe for these weekly updates, you can expect the next one at the beginning of 2020.

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