Bless Unleashed outlines a variety of adjustments on the way for crafting and upgrading items


Well blow me down, it looks like the open beta of Bless Unleashed is actually being used as a test bed! First there were the adjustments to PvP based on feedback, and now there are plans to tweak crafting and upgrading based on feedback as well. Will wonders never cease.

According to the dev blog, the processes of crafting and gathering are getting a bit easier and more useful as characters progress. On the subject of gathering, lower level zones will be seeing more low level gathering nodes to reduce competition for resources. As for crafting, players will be able to craft much higher grades of weapons and armor than they have in the open beta test. This will, of course, require those players to put in effort in their crafting levels as well as find rare materials from monsters, but the post mentions a Union that is specifically designed for high level crafters. More on the Union system will be outlined in a later post.

As for upgrading, the system sounds like it’s getting just a little less obtuse. Players can expect a higher rate of success for upgrading items (though items can still break), as well as a couple of unique vendors that are masters at upgrading; one vendor has significantly higher chances of being successful and will even halt an item being broken if they fail but will carry high fees to perform the work, while another “underground” vendor has a high chance of successfully upgrading gear at lower costs but can utterly destroy an item if they fail.

In addition, lower end gear will be getting better effects and upgraded weapons can be Sealed and sold to other players, though there are some important limitations. All of the details are outlined for you, but the takeaway is that things should be smoother moving forward.


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I know PC gamers are upset that the original stopped getting updates, and overpriced founder packs back then, but console gamers will not care about any of that.

David Blair

“A Tale of Two Blesses”

Akuma Ryu

I was one of their emissaries and put a high effort of time into the game, community work etc. They fked up so hard, even if Bless Unleashed will be good I won’t give a * and everyone should, too. Their decisions back then were not community orientated, just plain money and thus has to be punished. Amen


After the way Bless on the PC in the West was handled this game should be made an example of. It should be boycotted for the swindling of its previous supporters to demonstrate that that type of behavior is unacceptable and so publishers (such as Bandai) see they shouldn’t associate with developers who have a proven track record of being disingenuous to customers.

Honestly, they shouldn’t get any press coverage at all to prevent future consumers from being tricked like the last batch.