Star Conflict’s latest update has invading aliens and an event dedicated to Isaac Asimov


There’s a little something for everyone in the latest update of the online spaceship battler Star Conflict. Do you want to take on invading aliens? You got it, skippy. Want to enter a race? Get your motor runnin’. Care to celebrate the life of prolific sci-fi and science author Isaac Asimov? Your specific as heck request is granted.

The update is collectively called A New Threat, which references the invading aliens mentioned in the lede. Alien motherships are invading whole systems in the game, and should the aliens take over a system, its resources are no longer available to anyone. Players can repel these invaders by completing special missions during the “New Threat” event, or they can see what life is like on the other side of the coin by taking part in the experimental “Beetle in the Anthill” brawl, where players takes control of an alien ship and face off against hoards of enemies. This brawl is only available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The only location that’s safe from alien invasion is the Artuga system, which also happens to be the place for players to take part in the “New Foundation” event in honor of Isaac Asimov’s birthday. Much like the Apollo 11 moon landing celebration, players can look forward to 40 stages, each one rewarding things like components for new ships, the Hammerhead frigate and the Marten interceptor, or other goodies. Also like the Apollo 11 event, players who want to take part in every stage will need to purchase a New Foundation pass.

The update has also introduced some new illegal space races that show up on the map of open space. There’s no weapons, only speed, as players race through a course of rings to earn points. Speaking of open space, a number of PvP locations have been changed to regular locations while several new PvP locations have been added. There’s also pirate destroyers to hunt, a large destroyer ship that takes hours to take down, and various open space improvements. All of the salient details are on the Star Conflict website.

sources: press release, official site

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Jim Bergevin Jr

Sounds pretty substantial and interesting. Oh, and it’s a full game that has actually been released, and is fun to play to boot!