The Daily Grind: What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2019?


It wasn’t a great year. We’ll do our annual run-down of all the sunsetted MMORPGs of the year later on this month, but we’re guessing that one or two stands out in your mind as being particularly painful. Bless Online and Worlds Adrift probably leap out to you, since they were among the more notable losses our genre suffered in 2019. Fallen Earth crumbled under a sort of temporary sunset, too, and PlanetSide Arena is on its way out.

But if it were up to me, I’d pick the sunsets of Cryptic’s Foundry and Daybreak’s Player Studio. They weren’t MMOs, but they represented some of the last bastions of player-generated content in the MMORPG industry, and in losing them, we’ve suffered a tragedy a lot of people are still sleeping on.

What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2019 for you personally?

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