MMOs you’ve never heard of: Haxity, Lumia Saga, Era of Newborns, Ancients Reborn, The Bird That Drinks Tears


Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent games you’ve (probably) never heard of – or have totally forgotten about until now!

First up, we’ve got Haxity, newly revealed this week as a “roguelite” action-centric card-battler with a flashy cyberpunk theme. It’s not quite an MMO, but it does boast multiplayer (obviously) and online PvP (naturally). Expect it in early access next year.

Lumia Saga seems to be live on Google Play. Installer reviews aren’t great just yet, but it looks super cute and offers MMO-style PvP and PvE for mobile.

Era of Newborns is definitely one of the most original MMO names we’ve ever come across. It’s a multiplayer survival title by a one-man-show at Dodi Game Studios, slated for early access at some point in the future.

Ever heard of Ancients Reborn? Neither had we until MOP reader Sam tipped it to us. It’s an open-world mobile MMO by Xisle Games with surprisingly decent reviews, a detailed progression system, and a colorful partly-top-down view. Find it on Android right now.

Finally, we come to The Bird That Drinks Tears, which has already dethroned Era of Newborns for weirdest title. According to MMO Culture, this MMO was at one point called Project BB and the title comes from a popular Korean novel; it’s apparently a casual title with an intriguing “offspring” mechanic.

Spotted any more weird and obscure MMO-like thingies we should cover? Drop us a tip!


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Robert Mann

Okay, yeah, 3 of them I hadn’t heard of… and 2 of those have pretty much lost me already. Of all these, TBTDT (can we call it TeBiTaDiTa!) is the only one that isn’t a no off the bat. That one, well, comes with some reservations, let us say.


There are two somewhat popular multiplayer games which never get any cover on MOP: Remnant and Code Vein. I wonder if they aren’t getting any events and updates or it’s just MOP not seeing them as actually massive despite substantial online? They seem to be as popular as Smite – or maybe even more.