League of Legends’ first female championship series competitor dies at age 24


In sudden and sad esports news, League of Legends player Maria “Remilia” Creveling died this past Friday at the age of 24. Remilia was a trailblazer for the MOBA’s esports scene as she was the first woman to compete in the League of Legends Championship Series.

Remilia’s mark on esports history was made in August of 2015 when she became the first female competitor for League of Legends as part of team Renegades playing as Thresh on support. She would later step down from the LCS in 2016 as a result of stress and harassment. She still remained part of the competitive scene in 2017 as part of the Latin American team Kaos Latin Gamers until she had to leave due to a paralyzed vocal chord that saw her return to the US for surgery. Just this past month, Remilia competed in the Twitch Rivals Team Draft, and she was frequently streaming on Twitch.

A tweet from esports journalist Richard Lewis announced Remilia’s death, remarking that she passed away peacefully in her sleep. “Her absence will leave a void that can never be filled,” wrote Lewis. Remilia’s boyfriend also took to Twitter to make his own announcement. “She wouldn’t want any lengthy public statement, so all I’ll say is the 4 months I knew her were the best of both our lives,” he writes. “Although she deserved so much more, it was a privilege to know her for the short time I did. RIP Maria, I love you.”

Our condolences go out to Remilia’s family, friends, and loved ones.

source: Kotaku

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