Path of Exile begins sharing panels from ExileCon and shows off Polaris Mystery Box concept art


It’s all about the developers of Path of Exile, whether it’s showcasing some concept art drawn up for the game’s recent mystery box or a discussion hosted by the creative director. These are the focal points of the latest from Grinding Gear Games’ multiplayer ARPG and should be interesting for those who like to hear from said devs. Or who just like to look at pretty art.

First off, a discussion focused on the creation of Path of Exile 2 from this past ExileCon has been posted on YouTube. This is the first of several presentations that GGG will share over the next few days or so. We’ll be sure to embed the full video below, but you’ll also want to check our full ExileCon 2019 coverage if you somehow missed out on all the juicy reveals or just need a refresher.

As for the aforementioned pretty art, that’s collected on the official forums, which shares several concept drawings of the cosmetic items that hide within the Polaris Mystery Box. As a friendly reminder, players can still redeem their annual Polaris box until January 8th.


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Hikari Kenzaki

*looks at the contents of the Mystery box*

It’s a good thing I don’t play PoE…


TL;DR/W irrelevant PR stuff, 11+ months till PoE 2