Final Fantasy XI’s January update includes an Ambuscade fight, Beastmaster adjustments, and Domain Invasion tweaks


Final Fantasy XI has a few things planned for the month of January according to a recent forum post from the devs. Players can look forward to some Beastmaster and Domain Invasion changes, a new fight in the Ambuscade, and a couple of other updates.

The Ambuscade appears to be celebrating the coming new year with a fight against clots that apparently looks like large mochi. These clots will create little slime companions under certain conditions, decreasing their own HP in the process, so it sounds like players can get swarmed in short order. One of these tiny slime companions, though, is promised to possibly hold a New Year’s treat.

January will also see some merit point changes and pet adjustments to the Beastmaster in order to “pick up the pace in battle,” introduce improvements to Domain Invasion based on player feedback, add some new items, and update the monthly objectives for the Records of Eminence. All of these features are still tentative, but the devs promise to do their best to ensure the full list of features makes it in.


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