Black Desert news: Mobile’s Node War pre-season, PS4’s Altar of Blood, and PC’s content update preview


Every edition of Black Desert has something new to show off heading into 2020, whether it’s the start of the Node War in Black Desert Mobile, the point defense Altar of Blood on the PS4, or an English version of content update plans for 2020 on the PC.

Mobile players can now get their Node War pre-season on starting today, bringing the familiar large-scale PvP mode to the mobile edition of the title. Guilds can participate in a Node War through a bidding process, where the three highest bidders will be selected to fight against one another in an effort to destroy the opposition’s Holy Artifacts and lay claim to the Node. The winning guild gets control of that Node for seven days, reaping large amounts of Silver as collected tax from the nearby area. Node Wars will take place between 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. server time on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays during the pre-season.

On the PS4 version, Black Desert players can now face the challenge of the Altar of Blood, where parties of three are tasked with surviving up to ten increasingly difficult waves of monsters to protect the Altar. Surviving each stage will grant players a chance to obtain Advice of Valks and Gold Bars, and are guaranteed to get a Cron Stone. Players must have the Memories of the Past questline completed to participate.

Finally, the PC version has shared an official translation of the 2020 content updates due for Korea during the Calpheon Banquet. Much of these details we covered in previous reporting, but it provides more context about what’s in development, including further details of the Papua Crinea island, which is the site of a thousand year war between the Otters and the Papus. Players who visit this island will be forced to pick a side, then complete quests for that side to ensure its survival. The preview also features a wide variety of fresh images to look over which we’ve collected in the gallery below.

sources: press release, PS4 official site, PC official site

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> Altar of Blood

“Recommended” (i.e. mandatory) 240 attack score means “you’ll never get there without few hundreds hours of unfathomably boring grind and/or few hundreds $$$ dumped to buy totally not p2w equipment upgrade / repair tokens”.