Classic Guild Wars 1’s December patches are apparently still causing lag and crashes


Classic Guild Wars players know better than to look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to patches. After getting some significant updates in 2018, the playerbase was antsy throughout 2019 as ArenaNet was hit hard by layoffs and departures that seemingly pulled most of the rest of the Classic team away from the game.

But in December, ArenaNet made several superficially minor updates to the maintenance-mode MMORPG that have apparently resulted in a buggy situation for the gamers doggedly still playing in the older version of Tyria. According to posts spread across the official forums, Twitter, and Reddit, those updates have introduced a slew of bugs, specifically client crashes in specific locations, skill sticking, map UI snafus, and freezing issues, at least some of which, players speculate, have to do with specific compiler changes to code in Kamadan (possibly relating to Visual Studio migration?) and other hotspots. Still other players have been able to reproduce crash bugs in the Underworld:

I logged in this morning and jumped to Kamadan myself just to see what the fuss was about, only to immediately witness the odd freezing lag Reddit is upset over, so I can confirm that at least is happening. Hopefully, the studio can turn its attention to fixing up the older MMO once the holiday weeks are at an end. In the meantime, how ’bout some spicy memes?

Hold Boomer’s Ashes for up to 60 seconds. Sip and remember the good old days every 5 seconds while in Kamadan. from GuildWars

Source: Update log, official forums, Reddit 1/2/3/4. Thanks, Sander!

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Wait,GW 1 is still around? I assumed they shut it down after GW 2 came out. I stopped playing after I beat the story of the game. I wonder if I still have my discs.

Jim Bergevin Jr

ArenaNet always stipulated that they would keep the game running as long as there were people playing it. You can still make cash shop purchases.

There is quite a large dedicated playerbase in the game, including many who came from GW2. A lot of people still consider GW1 the better of the two games.


The update was meant to make it easier to keep this game running long-term. My biggest worry is that an amount of issues is deemed too difficult to fix without dedicated resources would result in a drop of support, even of the maintenance type. Guild Wars 1 in my mind is still the greatest video-game that has ever existed, losing access to it would be heartbreaking.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Yeah, iirc correctly, when Stephen and Bill were doing their updates, there was some issue in getting some things done because after all this time, the backend has gotten spaghettified. It’s also unfortunate that nearly anyone familiar with the game at Anet has long since departed.

I remember one of the fan sites years ago was excited to have set up an interview with one of the devs at Anet, but it was subsequently canceled when they found out it would have some focus on GW1. The reason being was that the interviewee had zero knowledge of the game, and wasn’t even aware it even existed when she began working at ArenaNet.