TERA runs bonus reward events as its winter events wave farewell

Boom, crash, new year, explosions.

Gosh, we really hope you got everything taken care of in TERA’s holiday events. The Yule War has concluded. Wintera has concluded. The Golden Beetle event has concluded, and that one only lasted from New Year’s Eve through New Year’s Day! Fortunately, there’s a bunch of other stuff taking place over the course of the next week, so even if you find yourself feeling perturbed and unfulfilled by the end of other events, you’ll have stuff to do.

Players can enjoy increased XP for both items and players along with improved item rewards and enhancement points from Vanguard Requests as well as more Bellicarium Credits from battlegrounds through January 7th. There are also multiple dungeons with increased drops over the weekend, as well as the usual assortment of items on sale within the game’s cash shop if you feel like dropping some cash. Here’s the new year, time to earn some more rewards.

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