Corepunk addresses game speed concerns and thanks content creators for their positive feedback


The upcoming MMORPG Corepunk has been busy in front of the camera over the past couple of weeks. On December 24th and 29th, the folks at developer Artificial Core have kicked out a couple of videos in response to player reactions and positive overall buzz.

In the first video, producer Eugene Kiver addresses worries that Corepunk’s movement and attack speed is too slow by equipping his character with a pair of items that increase both. According to Kiver, both attack and movement speed can be improved with artifacts and talents. He also explained that enemies in the game will often be found camping together and working together to take you down.

In the second video, Kiver offered some appreciation for a number of YouTubers who were excited by Corepunk’s announcement, and even went to the house of YouTuber Dvalin in Copenhagen to personally deliver him a statue as a thank-you gift on Christmas Eve. The video would later go on to tout how videos released about Corepunk had generated 1,457,862 views on YouTube.

If you happened to miss our initial announcement, Corepunk styles itself “an open seamless world that allows for endless possibilities,” with a variety of features like solo and four-person dungeons, raids, crafting and gathering, and opt-in PvP with a karma system that seeks to punish those who conflate PvP with ganking newbies.

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Brennan Kuhrt

I’m really looking forward to this one but the Speed, even with the buffs, feels really sloggy.

I would implore Kiver and company to consider the trouble Neocore faced with 40k Inquisitor: Martyr. The speed was way too slow, and it was faster than what we’re seeing here. It wasn’t until Neocore boosted the speeds that the reviews finally rebounded.

My intention is to be constructive, because I really want to see this game do well as I absolutely love the vibes I’m getting from the limited media we’ve seen and from the dev team.


Looking forward to this one!

James Crow

i like the art and the ideas of the game but still the speed feel more like moba then real arpg, need to watch the explain video and wait for more

Bruno Brito

The way they’re marketing this game gives me an extremely high Wildstar feel.


I still remember this from Wildstar:

was quite funny


It feels a bit like albion online but with a diablo-like skill tree and visuals sort of closer to Warcraft 3 in style

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This is a game I’m very interested in an agree with Vitor, here’s hoping that it isn’t two or more years away from release/full content (aka doesn’t do an EA release this year that has 25% of the game in it).

Vitor Braz

This is the kind of MMORPG that could succeed if it brings enough content and wit to go with the open world and traditional MMO mechanics. Hopefully it won’t take two or three years for a full release.