Mirage Online Classic brings back an original top-down MMORPG from 2001


This one’s for our genre vets or those who like a bit of gaming history in their diet. If you remember old Visual Basics 6 MMOs like The Odyssey Online, then you might recall a game known as Mirage Online, which was an MMORPG from 2001 developed by a two-person team. Those two original developers have resurfaced and re-released their MMORPG in the form of Mirage Online Classic, and have even released it on Steam.

According to the email we received from Christopher Kremer and Rich Conner, the two devs for the game, the original Mirage Online was given over to new owners and made into an open source project. If you’ve played MMOs like Eclipse Engine, Xtremeworlds, Mirage Source, Playerworlds, or Secrets of Mirage, you were playing on the original skeleton these two built.

In 2016, the two devs decided to bring their original game back using modern gaming language, and after some successful friends and family beta testing, Mirage Online Classic has returned from the past as a free-to-play title. In Mirage Online Classic, players start off with a primarily PvE experience until they either create or join a guild, at which point the game shifts to a full PvP focus.

“We made a vow to have no gameplay impacting micro-transactions for things such as player housing, gold, items or item slots,” promises Connor. “Our goal is simply to have 100 players (we’re at around 30 on average). This is a labor of love and is something we’ve put our heart and soul into.”

source: email


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Rich Conner

Thank you for the write-up, Chris! As a small indie developer, any coverage is appreciated. To anyone who gives us a try, Christopher Kremer aka Consty (lead developer and brains of the operations) and I thank you very much for the opportunity.


seems to have a Castle of the Winds feel all over it