Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2019


The good news is that our sunsetted MMO list from 2019 is shorter than in most years. The bad news, of course, is that it’s not empty. The worst news is that several of the games that departed were fairly highly regarded.

Most notably, Gamigo shuttered Atlas Reactor, Neowiz put Bless Online’s last version out to pasture, and Bossa gave up on Worlds Adrift, not even providing players a way to play their creations offline. Probably the roughest for our own community is the loss of Fallen Earth, whose new owners have taken it offline indefinitely while they work on some sort of replacement version for the game. And even if you didn’t care for PlanetSide Arena, there’s no joy in watching MMORPG studio Daybreak have to sunset it.

On the upside? Kritika Online was revived by its original developer. Let’s call that the best un-sunset of the year. And don’t forget the resurrection of City of Heroes

Farewell, old friends.


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As a very casual STO player I’m still saddened that the Foundry system is gone. Whenever I’d come back for an expansion or event I’d always check out what was popular on Foundry, it always kept me in the game longer then I intended.