Black Desert announces the arrival of the Kunoichi to the Xbox on January 8


Sure, the Ninja class in Black Desert on the Xbox is fun, but like all the classes in the game, it’s gender-locked to males. On Wednesday, January 8th, female avatars will get their chance to play with all of the cool ninjutsu powers they want when the Kunoichi arrives to the Xbox version.

For anyone who maybe hasn’t played a Kunoichi on the PC version, the class is capable of using all the trope tricks of the ninjutsu trade, like smoke shells, hiding in plain sight, and swift strikes with a shortsword, kunai, and martial arts. It’s basically the sort of things you’d expect out of video game ninjas, just in hot pants and heeled boots.

More details on the Kunoichi are expected to be announced on the Black Desert Xbox site, but for now there’s the tiny teaser trailer as part of the tweet embedded below.

source: Twitter

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Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, Kunos are from the era when they were basically making a male and female version of classes with only minor variations for PC. Ninja and Kunoichi are nearly identical. Musa/Maehwa and Striker/Mystic share similar pedigree and powers as well.

Of course, the Witch and Wizard from PC launch can be compared in this way, but they are essentially polar opposites so don’t really count.


Ok. Gonna make me a kunoichi. I’m in head start so I should have my pick of names.

Let me see…

How about Asagi? Nope. Taken.
Sakura? No again. Not surprising.
Murasaki? *sigh* Of course not.
Rinko? Shiranui? Annerose? Oh come on.
I’m not gonna even try Yukikaze.

Oboro? Oboro is taken? Sheesh

Maybe I’ll just make a beastmaster.


Sorry. The internet has ruined me.