Hope rising: Astellia Online is hiring more community managers


We have been understandably nervous about Astellia Online following December’s news that the game’s South Korean version was shutting down. That sort of event doesn’t usually bode well for games’ western counterparts, especially when you consider that Astellia just launched overseas in 2019, and even once you remember that Barunson implied the SK sunset was a result of Nexon’s messes and not due to affect the west.

Either way, there may be a stronger hint of hope for the longevity of the current version, as Astellia announced this past week that it is hiring French and German community managers for its European team. It’s just for a pair of native speakers (and players) who are willing to work remotely, but even so, it’s a sign of growth rather than withering.

Astellia recently won Massively OP’s award for best 2019 MMO theme in the Video Game Music Awards.

Source: Twitter

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On tiny, no one cares if they shut it down games like this, hiring more community managers means one thing: More pay to win; anger to ensue. Anyone who claims differently is confused.


its the typical asian light hearted(but p2w) gameplay mmo games and on personal standpoint I couldnt care less for Astelia or Peria Chronicles. I probably wouldnt play them even if they offered me pay for it.

But we arent in 2007 when scores of such games existed, as most have shattered and what we may not like, may still be favorite to someone else. Dont look far, see how many were sad about Peria cancellation.

What I am pointing is that while I agree these games dont feel good enough – same time I dont hope for them to die out. All should have games to play and their kind is close to extinct in the west

Bruno Brito

I don’t think the games should die, but their p2w attempts should. And unfortunately, the change in monetization practices require those sacrifices.


While I understand what you mean nothing will work while mobile market continues to be what it is. All a pay-to-win publisher got to do is mobile market bail out. And me and you may see it as a downgrade and a disgrace for those publisher opting out of PC/Console mmos for it, but its actually an income upgrade for them and a business environment they hardly get any problems for being predatory in their monetization.

Case in point, IGG, a provider who used to publish eastern mmos to the west, and actually among them some very unique ones, bailed out of PC years ago, starting with only 2 mobile games and then expanding while shutting down most PC games in a rush. I think they now got only 2 left but check their forum and support system – the PC games werent included – so people who still want to play last PC mmos they do it without support and without forums. Same time IGG gets everyday more rich thanks to mobile.

I mean seriously, if the mobile “bubble” doesnt burst you cant place much pressure on any modern developer unless they are emotionally tied to their project which doesnt apply for eastern games since they are published most of the time by secondary companies without any real attachment.

Its another reason why I hate mobile