The Daily Grind: What’s an MMO dealbreaker for you?


The other day, our office chat lit up with a lively debate over the virtues and drawbacks of Black Desert. Some praised its exploration and sandbox features, while others castigated it for gender locking and unsatisfying combat. While everyone was discussing this, I sat back on my haunches and thought about how we all have different thresholds for what makes or breaks an MMO to us.

After all, no MMORPG is perfect. We as players must always make concessions about things we dislike in order to enjoy the (hopefully) greater things we do like. But sometimes a title will hit that personal dealbreaker for us, and we are out, just like that.

Maybe it’s a certain business model, or creaky graphics, or a terrible community, or simply the setting itself. We’d love to hear what your dealbreakers are when it comes to choosing — and rejecting — MMOs!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Anton Mochalin

Monthly subs. They are for totally different type of players who spend a lot of time in MMOs. I don’t care about “pay-to-win” because I don’t play MMOs to “win”.


The sudden nerfing of a Class I really enjoyed playing to oblivion. It’s why I quit EQ in 2003.

Kvarin Sunermidst

Gender locks.. And to some degree, racial locks. I know they love them in Eastern MMO’s, but when I first started playing them, I didn’t have to deal with such restrictions. We were instead treated to a multitude of class/race combos that allowed us to even decide if they were male or female.

Who would welcome such limitations?


Pay 2 Win…. If I even smell a small bit of it I’m gone….

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Dean Greenhoe

There is only one thing that will keep me from trying a new MMO or cause to me to quickly remove it. The UI.

Even in 2020 I expect to find some dumb UI’s that will prevent me from playing them.

Emiliano Lozada

Gender Locked Classes.


No story, lore, and very few quest chains really slows the pacing way, way down in my opinion.

An mmo where crafting really isn’t worth doing. (lookin’ atcha WoW). Way too much pvp, sheesh. End games where there are limited choices. Clunky battle mechanics, (feels like 1999 all over again :/). Survival-welp not too bad but it should be “blended” into a well made mmo, (we still love questing :) ). UI that need at least a master’s degree in mathematics or engineering to master. Do we really need to level up to 200 in any mmo? MMO’s that have very little guild development.

I’ll stop with this one. MMO’s that do not take an active part in helping to create a positive and safe community environment.

There are more, but I betcha you fine folks will name a few!


Full-loot PVP. I have never played, nor will I ever play, a game with Full-Loot PVP. Not even if you paid me to.


Dealbreaker #1 – p2w: which excludes vast majority of games already. Box proces, subscriptions and 1-time fees for expansion are fine.
Dealbreaker #2 – boring (braindead-easy) grind that is essential and won’t end. To be as time-effective as possible, it has to be done every single day…


My deal breakers are non-consensual PVP, pay to win mechanics, and an awful community, as well as being forced to join groups to get through the story of the game.