Monster Hunter World releases the patch notes for the Iceborne expansion on PC


On Thursday, January 9th, players of the PC version of Monster Hunter World will finally get to enjoy the frozen wilds of the Iceborne expansion, but before that, there’s a whole bunch of beefy patch notes to look over to both whet your appetite and look ahead to what’s coming in the next update.

As one would expect, many of the new features in these patch notes require the purchase of the Iceborne expansion, like the new clutch claw, new moves for every weapon in the game, and (of course) new monsters, armor, locations, and story. That said, there are a variety of other updates to the base game as well, such as a new view mode for taking screenshots, the ability to create cosmetic Layered Armor at the Smithy, and a huge variety of balance changes to weapons, Mantles, skills, monsters, and abnormal statuses among other tweaks. PC players can also look forward to quality of life features for the Guiding Lands that were introduced in previous console updates.

What I’m basically saying is that there’s a lot for Monster Hunter players to look forward to, so get yourself comfortable, order up an obscene platter of food made by adorable kitty people, and tuck in to these notes.


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Wendigo Runner

I take it you can’t buy this and get the base game with it? I know very little about mhw.


I’m going to skip the expansion till 75% discount. Got enough of the base game and there is nothing special in the new content.

They better release new Dragon’s Dogma.


looks great

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I suppose they will make the base game really cheap as a promo – maybe it is time.