Neverwinter welcomes console players to the Hell Pit starting on January 9

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Looking for some HELL PIT, baby, this evening

Welcome to the new year, Neverwinter players! Want something new to do? Why don’t you start by venturing into the HELL PIT? Starting on Thursday, players can struggle to overcome waves of demonic minions in the HELL PIT on console versions. It is a pit, and it is full of creatures from the dark planes generally agreed to be in the ventral position. In short, HELL PIT, which is just fun to type out that way every single time.

Players will need to clear multiple waves of enemies in the HELL PIT to emerge successful, but your ultimate goal is to rack up multiple wins in the HELL PIT to receive participation rewards. Fortunately, you can challenge the HELL PIT as often as you want until you do succeed, although only players at level 80 and with an item level of 18,000 will be allowed within the HELL PIT. Fourteen successes are needed in this new solo event, so get ready to start challenging the HELL PIT on January 9th through January 30th. HELL PIT.

HELL SOURCE: Official Site

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