Shadowbane emulator SBEmu announces a sixth season server wipe on January 11


Who here remembers Shadowbane? It was an open PvP MMORPG that ran between 2003 and 2009 and is the game that pretty much inspired Crowfall, seeing as how both games are headed by J Todd Coleman. We’ve touched on this piece of history before in our Game Archaeologist column if you need more backstory.

All caught up? Then prepare for the next round as the folks running the Shadowbane emulator SBEmu are kicking off a new season this coming Saturday, January 11th. This fresh season will start with a server wipe, so anyone who perhaps missed out on what was going down during Season 5 is invited to hop in. You can also get a look over what has changed recently with Season 5 with these patch notes.

SBEmu, of course, isn’t the only Shadowbane emulator out there, just the most recent; a cursory search has brought up at least two others, but neither of them appear to be running any current updates, so if you’re not too keen on waiting for Crowfall to coalesce, then perhaps now is the time to try out a classic.

source: Reddit

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Richard de Leon III

Ah Shadowbane….the mmo that killed ALL of my pvp desires….god bless it……