Shroud of the Avatar clarifies its stance on multi-boxing

Oh boy.

In the interest of clearing the air and apparently settling some unrest regarding multi-boxing in Shroud of the Avatar, Catnip Games has gone on record to outline its current stance on the practice as well as talk about some client adjustments that are incoming.

The forum post states that players are allowed to use multi-boxing; they just can’t use it to execute automatically triggered skills like attacking or crafting. With the next release, there will apparently be enforcement on the client and the server, engaging skills and spells and autoattacks if the client is in the foreground — automatic skills and attacks are not going away.

“Auto attack was not originally a feature in the game. It was something we added because some of our players have conditions that make it difficult to constantly click a button. While we have no plans to remove it, this along with pets is quite possibly the most exploited feature in the game as it is almost the only one where you set it and forget it and keeps on triggering.”

In short, feel free to multi-box, just don’t expect to use the feature to engage in auto-running abilities in an effort to, say, cut down on crafting time.


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Michael Simard

Sure, let’s play a game for it amazing gameplay…

Multiboxing sound like a lot of fun…

Reginald Bottomsworth
Reginald Bottomsworth

Of course multiboxing is allowed in SoTA; Spears knows that many people have multiple accounts, and with that often comes multiple monthly pledges and more cash-shop revenue.

Perhaps players would be less inclined to multibox autoattack if the game weren’t so grindy and tedious.

Tom Thumb

The whales in the game (ie Vlad) would disagree with you. They don’t think people have alts and that the player count is the actual number of single players that play the game not all the multi-boxers with their numerous alts.


According to the forums, multi-boxing or afk crafting is the only way to retain your sanity.

Or maybe it was designed for those who get off watching hours of progress bars while their character does less than a mobile idle game?


People play 5 clients at once? Jebus!


Not that surprising, really. It’s common for several games, though it doesn’t really get mentioned unless it is for something extraordinary…

Like, say, World of Warcraft when a botter used it to abuse Elemental Shamans to one-shot teams and win the Ranked season at the time. It was reported on and talked about a lot, but Blizzard was more than happy to let 2 people take the win for the 5v5 bracket regardless of the abuse.