Anthem offers a look at updates for week five of Icetide and additional lore stories

Anthem offers a look at updates for week five of Icetide and additional lore stories

Have you been enjoying the Icetide season in Anthem? Good for you. Love what you love no matter what. Also, you’ll be happy to note that today marks week five of the season which means some store refreshes and a new set of Stronghold challenges.

This week, The Sunken is the weekly Stronghold on deck with two unique challenges in the form of the daily Thin Ice challenge and the weekly Cracked Ice challenge. The week also brings new goodies to the Seasonal Store and some new Featured Store items like new Wraps and Reaper and Exalted Armor packs. There will also be some additional lore stories coming up, with the next one due this coming Thursday. Incidentally, this means players now have a deadline for when the current Korox in the Box lore story will go away.

If you’re one of those players who is eager to learn about the leaderboards, details for that will be shared later this week, so make sure to keep an eye on the post for that information.

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Kody Gloval

I wonder what it will take to convince me to believe I can go back to it…I’m honestly not sure…


*raises hand*

Yes. That’s me. I’ve been having alot of fun with Icetide. I think the game has turned a corner and is now almost what it should have been at launch.

The keys for the success of Icetide are quite simply that loot drops are finally where they need to be and crafting is relevant.

The rest, the challenges etc., is not really new. Just a revamp of old challenges. BUT it is fun.

Let’s see what they do next.

Kickstarter Donor

How so Raf, what has changed?

Isn’t Icetide just an event that will go away in a few weeks? at which point it will be back to the tiny content it had at launch? So what has been added that isn’t seasonal that will leave the game with enough to keep folks continually active once the event is gone?

genuinely interested, as I do not dislike Anthem, but it has a MASSIVE hole where content should have been and I do not recall seeing or reading anything to suggest that has been resolved?? Did I miss something?


A good question.

Two things will remain after this event is over, improved loot drops for legendaries and the crafting of legendaries. That’s huge because it will give players reason to run through the same “old” content.

I think you are right in that it is tiny content and much more needs to be added to keep players engaged. But I also think that for veteran players, topping out your Javelin and the possibility of making alts is finally worthwhile.

And I think Anthem will surprise new players and in a good way.


Call me when Anthem 2 comes out and we’ll see…