EVE Echoes’ open beta comes to a close with a big event on January 10

EVE Echoes’ open beta comes to a close with a big event on January 10

It’s been about a month since EVE Echoes hit open beta, and we hope you got enough time in it because CCP Games is now closing it down. The beta, not the game. But don’t worry; there’s gonna be a fun event first, starting after maintenance tomorrow, January 8th, and running through January 10th.

“Traitors have appeared in the Serpentis! A rebellion has risen in Serpentis Prime, and the docks within the entire system had all been robbed. What’s worse, dozens of well-equipped battleships were taken away by the revolted Capsuleers. According to the information disclosed to us by the Serpentis, the traitors seem to share the same destination to the previous Dandelion operation – Black Rise. The estimated arrival time of these traitors is between 11:00(EVE time) on January 8th and 2:30(EVE time) on January 9th. Note: This operation has not received the endorsement of CONCORD; therefore, you may be targeted by Stargate sentry guns for attacking other Capsuleers. The Serpentis will reward Capsuleers who are involved in the kills of the traitors in this operation.”

CCP Games does provide a peek into the future too, promising corps and contracts, name reservations for beta players, and upcoming playtesting.

MOP’s EVE Online columnist Brendan Drain did a thorough deep-dive of the EVE Echoes beta back in December, and I think everyone, including him, was surprised that the game was actually damn good. “Echoes has successfully reproduced the secret sauce that makes EVE Online work,” he wrote.

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

EVE Echoes, or EVE Lite as I like to call it, was interesting. Echoes gives EVE fans a chance to go to the parts of EVE that got them into EVE in the first place without all the modern Invasion drama. That’s quite appealing to me, and hopefully EVE Echoes will appeal to the masses enough later on and be self sustaining.