Temtem announces dates for the end of alpha and the beginning of stress testing


The developing critter collecting MMO Temtem has some dates for you to remember as it moves through its development cycle from alpha to early access on PC. Specifically, it’s dating the final day of said alpha testing and the dates for several stress tests before early access.

Alpha for Temtem will officially close on Thursday, January 9th, at 1:00 p.m. EST. After that, the game will open up for three different public stress tests to make sure it’s in top form before staying open to players for early access. These stress tests will run on January 11th, January 17th, and January 19th for two hours at a time. If you’re interested, simply sign up on the game’s website.

There are a few things one should bear in mind here. First, these tests won’t save any progress when early access starts, so don’t get too attached to your character. Second, inclusion in to the test does not mean you also get early access — you’ll have to buy the game. Those who are backers, however, will have access to their alpha character and will also get automatic stress test access. Make sure to check all of the details if you’re interested in kicking the tires.

source: Kickstarter
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