World of Warcraft gets mounts and a new PvP season ready for next week’s update

Sort of draconic.

World of Warcraft players are about to start off the new year with a bang, thanks to next week’s release of Patch 8.3: Visions of N’Zoth. There’s a lot happening in this content update, but we know that you’re just as mount mad as we are and are wondering what sweet new rides are coming for the MMO.

The good news on this front is that there will be 20 or so mounts coming with the patch (which will help with that insane “collect 400 mounts” mega-achievement). Among the crowd of rides include a Mechagon Mechanostrider for Mechagnomes and a Caravan Hyena for the Vulpera.

And after an unexpectedly premature end to the Battle for Azeroth PvP Season 3 last week, the real end is scheduled to happen on January 14th. A one-week break between seasons will then take place, followed by Season 4: “BFA Season 4 will begin one week after the content update, along with the opening of Ny’alotha, a new seasonal affix for Mythic Keystone dungeons, and the availability of higher item-level Azerite gear.”

Look back at World of Warcraft’s crazy ride in 2019 in our recent WoW Factor column.

Source: Wowhead, official forums
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