Do you want to build a snowman? You can starting today in Black Desert

Technically this is sort of a BDO thing, but they don't treat race like it'a separate thing, so whatever.

Do you want to build a snowman? Head on over to Winter Wonderland in Black Desert. PC players this week are being treated to the snowy winter-but-not-Christmas event starting with Let It Snow tomorrow (tonight, really, for folks in North America) and the DIY Snowman event starting today. The Sorceress and the Berserker have also gotten the Succession Skills treatment, complete with the associated event.

Meanwhile, players are pre-registering for pre-creation (I know, I know) for the launch of the Guardian on PC. You can register now for the pre-creation that begins next week. The launch is still January 22nd.

Over in the Xbox One version of the game, the Kunoichi class is now live.

And of course, the Valkyrie drops on PS4 tomorrowday.

Want more Black Desert goodness? Our BDO columnist Carlo posted a checklist of fun stuff to do in the game over the holidays, the Battle Bards podcast just dipped its musical toe back into the game’s soundtrack, and our Choose My Adventure is touring Black Desert Mobile here at the top of the year. The game is kind of having a moment is what we’re saying.

Source: PC patch notes, press release

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Hikari Kenzaki

“The game is kind of having a moment is what we’re saying.”

Almost as if it deserved Game of the Year.