Dual Universe hires former CCP technical director as its chief technical officer


Talk about a wealth of experience in internet spaceship sandbox development. Dual Universe developer Novaquark has hired CCP’s former technical director Högni Gylfason as the company’s chief technical officer. Gylfason will be bringing years of experience with EVE Online as the lead of DevOps before he jumped ship in November 2019.

Gylfason will oversee workflow optimization and help build a scalable platform that allows potentially millions of players on a single shard, much as he did for the cloud services developed for EVE Online. His arrival comes at a pivotal time for Dual Universe as the sandbox is set to kick off alpha 3 this month.

As one would expect, both Gylfason and Novaquark CEO J.C. Baillie are eager to get to work. “We’re very excited to have Högni working with us on the game,” said Baillie in a statement. “The company has always focused on hiring extremely skilled and creative people and I’m certain that with Högni joining the team, we can truly realize Dual Universe’s goal of pushing the limits of massively-online, emergent experiences to new heights.”

Incidentally, the CCP Games Twitter account has been rife with job postings over the past several days. Make of that what you will. Or maybe pass that on to a friend who’s looking for a job in game dev.

source: press release
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John Mclain

If this is the guy who made it possible to get thousands of player into a battle and not have the servers literally melt. He’s definitely someone you’ll need for your game that needs to do the same thing. Massive fleet battles were a lagfest of cosmic proportions, but hell, they technically worked, and it’s the only mmo to date to do things on such a scale.

Dual Universe has competition from Starbase for the same kind of game this year. However I think Dual Universe is going for a more “Grand scale” kind of game, whereas starbase wants to do one specific part of a space game on an overly complicated level. In my opinion I’d give Dual Universe the higher odds of being the better game.


Quite interesting, as I believe Dual Universe expands on what I always believed EVE should expand to: Being able to get out of your starship to do things. Add to it also it has the crafting design freedom that doesnt exist on EVE and I can say this one is the most hopeful future EVE competitor