Guild Wars 2 launches its PvP League Season 20 and announces dates for the Lunar New Year


Short and sweet Guild Wars 2 news, this one. ArenaNet has officially kicked off its 20th season of the PvP League, which runs between now and Monday, February 24th. If you can’t possibly PvP unless there’s some sort of ranking system involved, then now is your chance to smash hotbar buttons aggressively at other humans.

If you’re not terribly interested in PvP, then you’ll be happy to note that the Lunar New Year is coming soon, between January 14th and February 4th to be exact. We’re expecting more details as the event itself launches, but expect some returning goodies like last year’s event as well as the Celestial Challenge and new rewards alluded to in ArenaNet’s end-of-2019 address. Personally, if it’s not called the Year of the Skritt, I will be highly underwhelmed.

If you’d like something of a preview of the Lunar New Year shenanigans, then you can check out MJ’s broadcast from the 2018 edition of the event below.

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