Rend studio Frostkeep has apparently suffered a round of layoffs

Well... cool.

It looks as if Frostkeep Studios is suffering some downsizing this week. Evan “Scapes” Berman, a producer for the MMO studio and a figure well-known to veteran MMORPG players, tweeted last night that his “Frostkeep family was just disbanded” and he was hunting for new work in the industry.

Frostkeep, MMO players will recall, was a studio helmed by former WoW, LOL, and WildStar devs, all originally working on Rend, which was somewhere between an MMORPG and a survival sandbox. The game even took awards when it was revealed in 2017, and it was gorgeous. But it didn’t quite catch on, and in March of 2019, the devs admitted it was effectively launching the game – straight into maintenance mode with consolidated servers. While Frostkeep’s Jeremy Wood told us some devs would still be working on the game, it was clear that most had been moved to a new project, for which the studio was still hiring as late as November of last year. However, as we noted that same month, Rend itself had dropped down to around a dozen concurrent players as Steam users warned each other the game was dead.

It’s not clear how many staffers were affected and whether the studio will continue on with its secret game, nor what specific effect this will have on Rend’s official servers going forward. We reached out to Frostkeep’s PR last night for a statement and have not yet heard back; we’ll update this when we do. As always, our sympathies are with the rank-and-file devs affected by the situation.

Source: Twitter

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This game should have been so much more. :( Hit’s all those things I love, I just came to it later and the flash in the pan twitch scene had left and no playerbase remained.


I actually like Rend. Sad news.


Rend was one of those things that seemed like a good idea, but it was built on the premise there would always be enough players to keep it going. Without the population numbers to sustain it, I’m not sure what all it had to fall back on. :(

I hope all the devs find good jobs elsewhere.


Completely agree.

I liked Rend – probably put 20 – 30 hours into it. Put it down for a bit and when I returned, the population had plummeted. It’s a shame – I thought there was definitely something there and that it had potential to grow and get better.


I think it could have been done if they could have solved the “how do you make losing fun” problem. When one side was clearly ahead, the other sides just quit until reset.