The first gameplay footage of Magic: Legends is available now for your viewing pleasure

Diablo III: Magic of Legends


So after the surprise reveal of Magic: Legends, we’ve all been awaiting the first glance at what the game’s actual gameplay will be like… and we’ve finally gotten it in a video from Game Informer, giving us our first look at the game in action. If you were expecting what amounts to¬†Magiclight Frontlegends, you got it! Or Magic of Exile, if you’d prefer. Magic Heroes. You get the idea, we hope.

Obviously, we still haven’t seen the full scope of the game; this is obviously early gameplay footage, the video is about a minute long, and it’s hard to seriously argue that it’s off-spec to see a mage blowing up fields of enemies given the source material. But it is our first gander at how you’ll be playing the game, and the first impression from the footage inspires some comparisons. Hopefully they’re comparisons people will like!

Source: YouTube
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