You’re about to get burned by Neverwinter’s Infernal Citadel

Hell hell hell hell

The next time that you step foot in Neverwinter, don’t be surprised if things get a mite bit toasty all around you.

This rise in ambient temperature is due to the fantasy MMO’s newest dungeon in the works, the Infernal Citadel. Coming with the next module, the Citadel is all about “chaotic nature and hellish vistas” and is perfect for those who prefer to spend their vacation time slumming around Hell.

It sounds like a reasonably pleasant place: “Even if players survive all of the deadly critters, traps, chaos, and fire, they will be forced to face off with the massive Hellfire engine up close in the caged death arena the devils use to entertain themselves with the poor unfortunate souls they capture. But don’t worry, you won’t be intimidated by the skeletons of the previous arena victims, as they’ve all burned up in the magma bubbling just below the grated floor.”

Source: Neverwinter

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