Magic: Legends starts showing off with two classes and two worlds

I didn't say zorp.

All right, you’ve seen some more footage, you’ve got some idea of how the game is going to be… now, if you’re done with any and all concurrent disappointment,Ā Magic: Legends would like you to start being excited for it. It intends to accomplish this goal by tugging at your reptilian “I understood that reference” brain by showing off some of the worlds players will be exploring, by which it actually means “places within a single world” because both Shiv and Benalia are on the plane of Dominaria.

The names are, at least, familiar to any long-time players of the card game; the two classes shown off are not, but the Mind Mage and Geomancer both have familiar feels to them, with the former seeming to be a very Blue sort of class and the latter being much more Red. Conversely, they could be seen as more akin to deck styles, with the former being a control-style deck and the latter being much more aggro beatdown. It’s hard to be sure without more context, of course, but it’s what we have to work with at the moment.

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