RuneScape shares player-made activity pets, addresses a Treasure Hunter exploit, and celebrates 19 years


Oh man, I was almost scared that there wouldn’t be a metric ton of things coming out of RuneScape this week, but my worst fears have been soothed. That was seriously close, y’all. I don’t know what I would have done with myself if Jagex didn’t have six different things going on at once.

The weekly update, comparatively, is kind of small in scope to other weeks, as is the most recent patch to the game which applies several fixes to the Yak Track, Farming and Herblore, and Seasonal Events. One of the more interesting updates from the weekly post is the reveal of the winning activity pet creations from players. It’s worth checking out the post for the fancy magpie moneymaking pet alone. There’s also some egg drop rates for the Ranch Out of Time if you’re invested in that activity.

In some more serious news, an exploit during the Firework Festival Treasure Hunter promotion on January 1st saw a number of players generate a large amount of wealth. Luckily, the bug wasn’t enough to damage the game’s economy and Bond Prices and Grand Exchange Trades haven’t been affected, but 15 accounts were permanently banned and 300 more have been temporarily banned as a result of the exploit. Jagex is continuing to work on removing items, XP, and GP gained through abuse of the bug.

Back to happy news: RuneScape recently turned 19 years old which prompted the devs to hold a special livestream to mark the occasion with some of their longest-serving JMods. You can get that entire broadcast in the video below.

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