Star Sonata recounts 2019, tests healing changes, and outlines plans for 2020 updates

This is the only one we have.

Star Sonata has had a busy 2019 as recounted by its most recent dev blog, and it looks like 2020 will be just as busy as the devs behind the space sandbox work on healing updates and Shield Monkey and outline a rough roadmap for future updates still to come.

The past year has seen a variety of updates to Star Sonata including AI empires, instance scaling, improved graphics and server performance, and a variety of balance updates. Those adjustments will keep going with a rework of the Shield Monkey class and healing in general, which is currently on the test2 server. A number of tweaks are being tested, including improved shield banks, vastly strengthened shield chargers that only work out of combat, and stronger healing and stealing skills. There’s also an update to armor stats to simplify damage resistance tactics in an effort to remove the “Pokemon-like” memorization of vulnerabilities.

These updates will be the first of many due for this year. Star Sonata is looking towards releasing the above changes with some minor Engineer tweaks soon, while future updates will include more balance sheets work, mod reworks, a new cargo system, and further class rebalances that will arrive two at a time.

source: official site, thanks Panagiotis for the tip!

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I love revisiting this game

has a lot of features for an indie mmo, and keeps being worked on, mostly by volunteers


Steam release when? Been coming to steam soon forever


I wouldnt bank on it since greenlight is no more a few years now