The Division 2 reveals early Episode 3 details, Hardcore Mode stats, and a new cosmetics lootbox

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The latest State of the Game roundup from The Division 2 has a number of details for players of the co-op shooter, including some preliminary details for the next episode, a few stats regarding the recently released Hardcore Mode, and the reveal of a new lootbox full of cosmetics.

The devs opened with some details about a new cosmetics lootbox known as the Legacy Cache, which offers players the opportunity to get a random cosmetic item from the standard pool with no duplicates. This cache will be available periodically and costs 100 Premium Credits, with its first iteration available now. Speaking of apparel caches, a future update will turn any duplicate items in a standard cache into Textiles, which can be used to buy vanity items from the game store. If you’re looking for specific vanity items without any lootbox nonsense, they can still be purchased individually from the store as well.

Episode 3 was confirmed for a February release, which is arriving free to all players. There won’t be any public testing for this update, as it won’t be introducing any new balance changes. What it will be introducing is the Coney Island area, the return of the Cleaners faction from the first game, two new main missions, two new classified assignments, a new exotic SMG that changes colors based on your character’s surroundings, and a new specialization to be revealed at a later date.

The devs also provided a week’s worth of stats for those who took on the Hardcore Mode that released on December 10th. Only 17.7% of characters experienced permadeath, while only 1.2% of characters reached World Tier 5. Six Operation Dark Hours raids were also completed in the mode.

Future State of the Game updates have been dated and even have offered an outline of what topics they’ll cover. Expect the next three Wednesdays in January to be full of details, as you’ll see in the embed below.

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